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Dr. Mariah Coe

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Who am I?

I am Dr. Mariah Coe, a licensed clinical psychologist. I work with individuals of all ages, but focus on children, adolescents, and young adults. At KPS, I provide evaluation services to help identify an individual’s strengths and areas where they need support to grow and thrive across the lifespan. I specialize in identification of neurodivergence.


But what IS neurodivergence?

It is an array of ways the brain works differently, and includes autism spectrum (from mild, or what was formerly called Asperger’s, to severe), ADHD, learning disorders, and related neurodevelopmental differences. Autism is different in girls and women, who are often overlooked for possible diagnosis because of how they experience and show neurodivergence.


What is my cultural background?

I have lived and worked in multiple, diverse regions of the U.S. and in countries abroad (Greece, Japan, and the Middle East). I particularly enjoyed working with multicultural families, international schools, and military families.


What is my education/training? 

  • Undergraduate (B.L.A.) in Psychology/Biology - University of Alaska Southeast

  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology - University of Vermont

  • Residency/Internship and Postdoctoral Fellowship in Pediatric Psychology - Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center


What are my professional experiences?

  • Extensive work with families and staff/providers in hospitals, including at Cincinnati Children’s (consistently ranked in the Top 5 children’s hospitals in the U.S.)

  • Evaluation of children and young adults with co-occurring medical complexity

  • Therapeutic services for individuals of all ages, including evidence-based treatment of anxiety, trauma, adjustment to medical conditions, mild depression, stress management, and death, dying, loss, and ambiguous loss

  • University-level teaching, including development of a course in The Psychology of Death, Dying, and Loss

  • NIMH-funded research, including early child development and maternal health, and a clinical trial for treatment of severe social anxiety

  • Community-based program evaluation and consulting, including suicide prevention programs

(Click on the link to my C.V. for full details of these and other background experiences.)


What do I do when not helping children, families, and individuals in the community?

For the past 15 years, I have hosted radio shows featuring cutting-edge neo-traditional music from around the globe. Every spring and summer, I grow sunflowers (even on city balconies!).

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